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Nicola Wee - Aveni AI, Edinburgh, UK, 2023

Perfect, thanks Rachel, and yes, I thought the session was great on Thursday, really practical and exactly what we were after.

Ned Campbell - Actor, UK (For Beats by Keiran Hurley, London 2023)

Rachel is an absolute revelation! I cannot describe how much she helped me in every way with my show.  It has been a complete joy working with her and I could not recommend her more to anyone.

Lubna Kerr - Writer and Performer, Edinburgh, UK

Rachel was an excellent teacher. She was patient, kind and understanding.  Her explanation, process and techniques helped me tremendously when focusing on my character development. I will definitely work with her again in the future.   

Ruth Hollyman -Director of Strange Town Agency, Edinburgh, UK

Rachel provides a brilliant accent coaching service to our clients.  Swift to respond, great to work with and so helpful when a client has an audition requiring a specific accent.  They have really benefited from her one to one service and it's super convenient to be able to do this over Zoom.  She has also delivered group workshops in particular accents that our clients have found extremely useful.  Her approach is friendly, relaxed and detailed - we can’t recommend her enough!

Hannah Eidinow - Theatre Director, London and Colleague at LAMDA, UK

Working with Rachel is an invaluable experience. She supports and encourages actors to be vocally free whilst serving the text and honouring the creative concept. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who's working on a production and needs vocal support.

David Moorst - Actor, UK

The Voice training that I received from Rachel has been invaluable to me. I don't think I've done a play yet where I haven't drawn upon something that I learn't from her.

Laura Lapidus - Actress and Writer, NYC, USA

Rachel gave me all the “rubber gloves” tools for waking up my voice and connecting all the art to a little bit of science. My most precious gems from her are to activate resonance, breath, and grounding, which I return to easily and often for maintenance and performance. Rachel also has an incredibly grounded presence herself; her focus and commitment to the space are uncanny. She’s one of those teachers who knows to give you one quick little thing, which turns out to be the key that unlocks a whole house.

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