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When I was based in London I worked at several of the major London drama schools such as LAMDA, Mountview, ALRA and Rose Bruford.

 More recently I've been working at Manchester School of Theatre as well as Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Rose Bruford, Edinburgh.

I am dedicated to providing high quality vocal services in Person or Online. Take a look below to find out what I specialise in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

1-2-1 Coaching

I coach privately for actors wanting specific help with a production they're working on. We might work on text or character voice.  If you are looking for this kind of coaching some of the areas we might choose to work on might be breath support, resonance, muscularity of speech. It might be that you are looking to brush up on these skills and refresh your vocal work.

Testimonial Lubna Kerr - Writer and Performer, Edinburgh

Accents & Dialects

I can assist you to break down an accent and I can be your outside ear.

We would look at the rhythm, intonation or prosody of an accent as well as the placement and mouth shape of vowels or flow sounds and the muscularity of consonant and stop sounds. Session can take place online

Accent Softening/Accent Acquisition

Sometimes, if working in English as an additional language, people feel their accent is not clear or not easily understood. I love the diversity that accents of English can be. However, maybe I can help you to acquire some accent skills to help you reach your goals and communicate with more clarity and confidence of pronunciation.

Testimonial from Ruth Hollyman -Director of Strange Town Agency, Edinburgh

Audition Preparation for Drama Schools and Self Tapes

If you are at the start of your journey you might need some help preparing for auditions. We can do some text analysis, character work and voice production as well as preparation around how to self-tape.


Sessions can be arranged for in person or online.

Recorded Work - Podcasts - Broadcasting

Creating the right atmosphere and mood for recorded projects is so important. We can analyse the text and what delivery style you want to have.

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